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Prophetic Key

"To whom much is given, much is required."

You will discover that as you step into Prophetic Office, the real work has only begun. Standing with the authority, anointing and power that He has invested in you
Get ready to join the ranks of God's mighty men!

The BIG FIVE Mugs - Full Collection

Just like Africa has their big five, we have our own... The Fivefold Ministry! So, what we have done is match up each of Africa's best with the Church's best!

Who's who in the zoo? Find out here!

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FINANCES. What We Believe

Ministry 101

It is one thing to know the Word and another to apply it. Consider this your one-stop for everything you needed to know about "Doing the Stuff"

Taking our years of accumulative knowledge, we are here to give you the practical help you need to get your ministry started. From how to start your first home church to establishing an apostolic team, we have the "hands-on" training you need to get your ministry off the ground.

Engaging in touchy topics such as money and moving on to marriage relationships, each course is geared to help your ministry become a success. What our other courses do to take you to office, these courses do to anoint you for them!

What Nobody Ever Told you About Ministry

You can study at bible school all your life and still not be able to deliver a powerful sermon that is packed with the anointing. Study will give you knowledge, but it takes wisdom to activate that knowledge.

Nothing prepares you for delivering that first prophetic word or delivering your first sermon... until now.

Instead of "winging it" and hoping it all turns out, you can step out in boldness instead. Your lecturer is by your side to help you and each course is so practical that you can start applying the principles the same day you get your first lesson.

Browse the courses to the left and pick out the ones where you are insecure about your abilities as a minister. Then dive in and enroll! Your ministry is about to take off as never before!

Ministry 101 Degree Recommendations

If your interest is mainly in the Fivefold Ministry, then we recommend the following courses to you:

Bachelor of Ministry Protocol

Full credits are required in the following subjects to qualify for a Major in Ministry Protocol

Minor in Fivefold Ministry

Minor in Practical Ministry Studies

Minor in Advanced Ministry



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